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Welcome to the official website of the Junior and Middle Common Rooms of Josephine Butler College.
As Durham’s youngest College having opened in 2006, we are free-spirited, flourishing and full of life. We are named after the 19th Century social reformer, Josephine Butler, who had a profound influence on society’s view of women’s health and education. Butler has a vibrant, inclusive community from a variety of backgrounds and encourage all our students to get involved with our pioneering spirit and we pride ourselves on inspiration, opportunity and excellent support.

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Hey everyone! I’m Sam (He/Him), your JCR President for the year. My role is to oversee the activities that the JCR runs, keep in touch with current and past students, and to represent the common room outside of college. Though I’ve graduated now, my time at Butler left me with enough enthusiasm to stick around in a sabbatical role and remain part of the community here. 

The sign of a successful year for me will be an engaged, active JCR. During your time at Butler you have a whole universe of opportunities to make the most of and every single one of you can leave a legacy here. I hope this year more than ever this JCR can grow to represent our community and ALL of its members. 

Sam Winder (He/Him)
President of Josephine Butler JCR

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