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Hi everyone
Welcome back! I hope you all had a lovely holiday and are feeling ready for another action packed term! It is lovely to see you all back. We have heaps in store this term, and we are kicking things off with #GetInvolved Week. Look out for posts from Jake, Ellie and Sam! This is Refreshers rebranded – It is your chance #getinvolved with new sports, societies and committees and we are here to provide all the information you need on how to do just that. What better #newyearnewme could you ask for?

This term is a big one. So here is a snapshot of big updates and big events coming up. I’ll tryyyy to keep it snappy! So:

#GetInvolved Week

Stay in the loop by looking for updates here:
INSTA: @butlersocieties @butlercomms @jobutlersport
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/JoButlerSport/

Butler Stevo Varsity 2020 – 8th February

BUY STASH HERE: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfN4cQz8T4db1ZNNq-wAi7RwFC31txmZ1MeLe-KgtjR9BJPAQ/viewform?usp=sf_link
JOIN THE FACEBOOK EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/963954910630263/
FOLLOW THE INSTA: @butlerstevovarsity

This is going to be our biggest varsity yet! For the first year since the varsity started it is finally just ourselves and Stephenson sharing this site so this going to be a really exciting year #themoundisours
You can expect heaps of different sports matches – many of which are actual league fixtures so important stuff! – but also friendlies, a quiz, and society competitions too! We will also have smashing ents too and lush stash!


LIKE THE FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/JosephineButlerSpringCharityGala/

Save the date for a black tie event of live performances, drinks and canapes all in the gorgeous historic venue of Durham Town Hall – all for the charity of your choosing! The event will run approximately between 7 and 11 at the venue, followed by an after party out in town if you fancy it!
More information coming soon!

We have a working Key Box!

Noticed the funny box outside reception? Well soon you will be able to get keys out using it! For club presidents and captains I promise you this is going to be a game changer. No more waiting on me for the Wooler Comms key, no more waiting to collect or hand back room keys whilst porters are busy doing the million and one amazing things they do for us. I will be posting a video of how it works soon and details on how its going to work so bear with me!


LIKE THE FACEBOOK PAGE: www.fb.me/butlerbikes

After trying for the past few years I am thrilled to announce that we are re-launching Butler Bikes! I am so excited that we have been able to do this and it is thanks to a generous donation from the Trust Board, and thanks to college’s new key box – heaps more details to come on that!


Thanks to Butler Welfare pads and tampons will now be supplied in each of the loos in the Butler Bar building. The sanitary supplies are there for anyone who may unexpectedly need them. They are currently lacking in crustacean decorations but they’ll be there soon. Such an amazing positive change from the Welfare Team!

We have a new projector and screen in the bar!
The quality is incredible. Honestly stunning. Go check it out!

We now have scales in the gym and a new foam roller!
Huge thanks to your Gym Rep Josh Watts! This is all thanks to his brilliant introduction of a suggestions box. Track those gains this 2020.

We now have a new Artist In Residence
The wonderful Jodie Russian-Red has just joined us. Keep reading to see her Introduction! Huge welcome to Butler, we can’t wait to work with you!


Last but by no means least. This term brings you all of the elections for the Exec Roles!
Are you ready for a spicy set of JCR Meetings?
It is time to find out who is going to be your 2020/21 exec.

If you are even remotely considering running for a position I would seriously encourage you to go for it. Being on exec has been the most incredible experience for the past two years and I cannot recommend it enough. You get to give back to the most wonderful common room, truly make a difference for people, gain so many skills, meet so many amazing people – seriously, #getinvolved, its such a precious opportunity and so much fun.

I told you it was going to be a term of big things.

Once you’ve taken a minute to click on all those links and write all those dates in your diary, here’s what’s on this week:

Monday 13th January
Welfare Drop In
4:30-5:30pm in the Bill Bryson Library, Study Room 4, Level 2 with J your LGBT+ Identity Rep

Feel free to drop by any point in the hour whether you’d like to discuss something big or small, we’re here to listen and talk it through with no judgement. It can be anything welfare-related, from personal welfare issues to ideas for future campaigns

Tuesday 14th January


It would be incredible to see heaps of you supporters and competitors in the stash to really get in the varsity spirit (and show Stevo who’s boss).
Emily has done amazing work making this stash some of the most affordable we have ever had with T-shirts only £6.20, or £8.20 with ‘Team Butler’ on the back. But we also have sweatshirts and fleeces available!

Tempted but not sold just yet?

Well the stash company we are using this year is different for one very special reason. Our stash supplier this year is Mugshots a business like no other, they operate out of young offenders prison in Northern Ireland, and work to break the reoffending cycle.
Mugshots equips young offenders with the skills, support, and resources to compete more effectively for employment by completing employability skill training and gaining formal work experience. 100% of their profits are reinvested into supporting young offenders. For those involved the re-offending rate is only 17% compared to an average of 70%.


Welfare Drop In
6-7pm in the Quiet Room in the Howlands Building with Niamh, your Welfare Officer

International Committee Meeting
7:30pm Old Shop
We will be discussing exciting plans for the year including Chinese New Year which is coming up, and having a good chat as always. Everyone is welcome!

Wednesday 15th January

#GetInvolved Wig Social

One huge social for societies, committees and sports.

Welfare Committee Meeting
5 – 5:30pm in the JCR
We will be discussing SHAG week (Sexual Health Awareness and Guidance). We have got some fun and exciting plans to get involved with!

Charity Committee Meeting
5pm in the bar

Thursday 16th January

Green Committee Meeting
7pm in the JCR

Friday 17th January
Deadline for requesting a physical copy of The Mound
It’s *free*! Sign up here:

Saturday 18th January
Poster Deadline for Exec Positions: Round 1

Social Chair
Food Services Officer
JCR Treasurer
Bar Steward
JCR Chair

Intersociety Movie Day
More details to come so look out for Jake’s post

Mound Committee Meeting

Sunday 19th January
Welfare Drop In
1:30-2:30pm in the Bill Bryson Library, Group Study 3, Level 3, with Charlotte your Assistant Welfare Officer

Have a brilliant first week back!

Charlotte and Lorna