*This is a plain text version of the weekly email, for a much jazzier version check your inboxes*

Hi everyone,

I hope you and yours are all safe and sound! A bit surprised to be getting this email out of term time? Well let me explain why.

As I said on the JCR page, I know usually I only keep this up during term, but this is a pretty atypical holiday period. I would really like to keep up posting the weekly email over these holidays. Social distancing or self isolation can be a strange experience, and I want everyone to know that we are all in this together – we are stronger together. 👩‍👩‍👦 I want to do everything I can to make sure none of you feel restless or bored, but rather always know there is something to do, and someone to turn to! I know I’m finding it a really surreal experience. 💖

So, I am appealing to all of you on this. I am asking all of you if we can work together to look after each other and keep running virtual events throughout Easter. 🎥

Do you have something planned with your club? An online game you want to host? A quiz you want to run? Fancy organising a cheese and wine night? Or even just want us to coordinate some mass study breaks where we can all hop on Zoom with a cup of tea? ☕️☕️☕️ If you have any ideas please message me or email me with details of the events you have planned or groups people can join. Date, time, hosting platform, and any other details and I will get them into the weekly email. 📆⏰

Sending lots of well wishes and JCR love ❤️💛

~~~Soooo what’s on this week?~~~

(I’m stripping this down to a list for now instead of going through day by day until we get a few more events)

Positive Pastimes Group:

Here is a facebook group I’ve set up filled with positive pastimes to keep you entertained.

I want this to be a little hub of activity for all of you, where you can post links to quizzes, games, challenges, anything you see that you think will keep people happy, entertained and in communication with each other!

We’ve got riddles with people guessing in the comments, Sporcle quizzes with people trying to beat high scores in the comments, links to join in on gaming over twitch and discord – I am a big Jackbox fan, wholesome articles, and Netflix parties. I hope you guys continue to use this space it is really wonderful to see!

Welfare Drop Ins

A note from your Welfare Officers, Emily Sweeney and Brad Yardy:

During times of social distancing, we want to make sure that you are still able to contact the Welfare team, so we have moved the drop-in sessions onto skype!

We have our regular drop in session happening tomorrow from 6-7pm. And a new style of drop-in happening on Sunday, which is a more casual chat there for anyone that would just like a bit of contact.

Tuesday 24th March, 6-7, with Emily

Sunday 29th March, 1-2, with Brad

Simply follow this link during the hour and we will be there. If we don’t pick up then it means we will already be speaking to someone else, but we will get back to you as soon as we are finished.

As always, feel free to message the Butler Welfare page directly, or send us an email at butler.welfarejcr@durham.ac.uk at any time, and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Welfare love 💛❤️

Stash Design Competition

Bored at home? Have you ever wanted to design your own stash? Well now is your time!😍

They can be anything Butler related! Think graduation, wow Butler moments, or just different designs that may be a nice addition to what we already have!

Any designs for this competition should be sent to Emily Dewar, JCR Stash Coordinator, by this Friday at 1pm! And thanks to her for the fab idea.

🍀Good Luck🤩

Butler Scholarly Journal Content Call

A note from your wonderful editors Zac and Rhiannon:
The BSJ are holding another content call to keep people busy whilst they are isolating, with an ‘around the world’ theme to encourage people not to feel cut off from the world around them, even if it seems that way at the moment. Deadline 8th May. 1000 words. See their Facebook page for more information. All submissions or questions to butler.sj@durham.ac.uk.

Online Cards Against Humanity

For anyone who fancies a party game here is an online version of Cards Against Humanity that you can play with your friends by sharing the unique code generated. Thanks to Huw Thomas for sharing!


Here is something for anyone who wants to learn or explore their programming abilities. There’s a global hackathon, HackQuarantine, that starts today for 3 weeks! Thanks to Harry Brooks for sharing this wicked event.

The Mound Happy News

Thanks to the fabulous Leonie Wong and Amy Elford ‘The Mound’ is sharing positive news stories as many days as it can – follow them here for some happy stories to stay positive!
My absolute fave is the Sea Otter Cam from the Georgia Aquarium.

Player Layer Bodyweight Basics Programme

Want to exercise but have no indoor gym stuff? No problem!

Player layer just sent this through offering the Bodyweight Basics training program by the School of Calisthenics that used to be for £40.00, now for FREE to help support athletes everywhere, anywhere.

Massive thanks to Ellie Cunningham for sharing this huugeee bargain and keeping us all healthy from our bedrooms.

Buddy Meter

Another awesome idea from Ellie. This is quite a wholesome thing to do with friends from uni or from home – you make your own quiz about you and then send it to your buds to find out how well they know you! There’s a leaderboard and everything, it’s quite a fun way to pass the time!

The Very Social Distancing Discord Server

Thank you to Brad who has set up a discord server here for game nights! Feel free to join and host games nights on the server whenever, but Brad will continue to publicise when he is hosting some so we all know to join in!

House Party

There is a really useful app you can download called HouseParty which allows you to video call your friends, and it also has all sorts of games in it too!

Butler Good News Broadcast

Lorna is sending out a wonderfully wholesome good news broadcast email every Friday! I hope you enjoyed the first email last week, it really is fantastic go check it out!!

Please use this form to submit anything anything cheerful to share around. ☀️🥰

Suggestions: Pics of your cute pets, Cute Mother’s Day stories, Links to funny articles, Film or Book recommendations, Good News Stories, Random act of kindness stories or suggestions, Funny pictures or memes, Anything!

Top Ten Moments from this Term

As I did at the end of last term I will be doing a countdown of your top ten moments from this term on the @butler.pres instagram, so check out my story and get the reponses in! We all need to be reminded of all the amazing things you did this term.

Do keep coming forward with ideas on how we can all keep in touch and keep each other cheerful and supported. I would also love to hear what you are all doing to keep yourselves entertained and well cared for whilst spending time alone. If anyone has any self care top tips I would love to hear them!

(I’ve personally been spending my time finally getting round to doing some reading for pleasure. I’ve just finished Bill Bryson’s ‘A Short History of Nearly Everything’ and it was absolutely incredible. Now I’m about halfway through Pat Barker’s ‘Regeneration,’ so if anyone wants to natter about those with me do drop me a message! Or if you’re looking for something to pick up I would definitely recommend them both! Any book suggestions for me? Also, feeling inspired by the Playerlayer Programme post, I’m also going to be doing the ‘Shreddy’ 14 day challenge on Instagram for those of you gracefit fans out there 👀. If anyone wants to do it with me let me know and we can make a little group!)

Thank you all for the submissions I have had already! 🌞 I hope you are all looking after yourselves and know that I am always here if you want to email/Facebook message/Instagram message/Teams call/Zoom call.❤️

Sending very best wishes

Charlotte Thompson