Hi everyone,

I hope you and your loved ones are all keeping well and that you made some time for yourselves over the Easter holidays amongst coursework and revision, whether it was enjoying the sun, keeping active, unwinding with a book, or watching some of the amazing stuff on TV.
I watched ‘Phantom of the Opera’ for the first time ever thanks to Youtube’s The Shows Must Go On, anyone else? Or are you all binge watching ‘Tiger King’ like the rest of the nation? (Don’t get me started).

Thank you all for your monumental effort over Easter to get involved with the activities we have been running, from the quizzes on Positive Pandemic Pastimes, to joining in with the cereal box challenge, to the Run 5 Donate 5 Nominate 5 challenge, to the JB’s Pour A Pint challenge, to submitting your best bakes. It has been absolutely wonderful to see so many of you joining in. I hope it has been as fun and comforting to all of you, as it was to me, to still be a part of Butler’s amazing community.

I know that this is the not the third term that any of us imagined, but I hope you know that we are doing everything we can to try and replicate all of the events in the calendar virtually. Whilst it might seem cheesy I hope we continue to do these events together as we have done over Easter. All of us in the JCR and at College are here to support you during the exam period and make sure that afterwards you can celebrate all of your hard work in style! If you have absolutely any ideas on how we can make these virtual events better, please drop me a message, I would love to hear your thoughts!

Before we go over what’s on this week, here is a little something for everyone missing Butler. Just look at this gorgeous photo taken by Matteo of the sunset! A little something to put a smile on our faces. Thanks Matteo!

Monday 27th April
Learn phrases in a foreign language with Butler Languages and Cultures Soc
Thanks to Butler Languages and Cultures Soc you can now start learning phrases in a foreign language. With great video tutorials being posted to Butler Positive Pandemic Pastimes you do not want to miss this!

Today’s phrase is ‘Happiness’ – see the video here: https://www.facebook.com/crabbysean/videos/3030896490296380

Tuesday 28th April
JB’s Pour a Pint Competition: Winner Announced
Time to see who wins the JB’s Pour a Pint Challenge. If you don’t have any plans this evening make sure to go watch the videos. They’ll give you a giggle if nothing else.

We have some cracking contenders already from Emily and Lillie showing team work makes the dream work, to Katy getting green and growing her own, to Charlie showing us you don’t need to pour pints at all, skip the middle man and go straight to the barrel.

Think you can do better? Get a submission in!

Welfare Skype Drop In
6-7pm with Emily over Skype.

A note from your Welfare Officers, Emily and Brad:

During times of social distancing, we want to make sure that you are still able to contact the Welfare team, so we have moved the drop-in sessions onto skype!
We have our regular drop in session happening Tuesday, and a more casual chat option happening on Sunday, which is there for anyone that would just like a bit of contact.
Simply follow the link below during the hour and we will be there. If we don’t pick up then it means we will already be speaking to someone else, but we will get back to you as soon as we are finished
As always, feel free to message the Butler Welfare page directly, or send us an email at butler.welfarejcr@durham.ac.uk at any time, and we will resond as quickly as possible.

Wednesday 29th April
JB’s At Home: Coffee Shop Favourites
Got some free time on your hands this evening? Well get in the kitchen and get your much needed JB’s fix! We all know coffee shop had the best revision snacks, so why not make your own?
With NEW RECIPES every week you need to watch this space.
Hot off the press are the Best Vegan Falafel Recipe and Chocolate and Banana Muffins thanks to a fantastic Butler Baking Soc collaboration – love it!
Check them out here:

When you give it a go take a photo and make sure to send it to @butler.ratemyplate

Thursday 30th April

Virtual Tea and Toast
11am over Zoom. Keep an eye on the Welfare Facebook page and the website calendar for a link. A Butler favourite back to keep us all company during exams. The perfect breakfast club.
Butler Rate My Plate
With the weekend just behind us have any of you been up to some baking or cooking with your free time? If so, send in your snazzy successes or funny failures to butler.jcr@durham.ac.uk to feature on @butler.ratemyplate on instagram.

Better yet, follow in Lorna’s footsteps: have your friends been dishing up some questionable dinners in the kitchen the last few terms? Was the self-catered experience perhaps not for them? Snake your friends by sending in a snap of their rogue meals with a description (I’ll keep you anonymous).

Friday 1st May (May?! When did that happen?)
Unwind with some quizzes on Butler Positive Pandemic Pastimes
You knew this one was coming, it’s a classic from the Easter holidays. I’ll be coming at you with even more puzzles. Get submitting your own ones too!! It’s a space for everyone (and there are only so many letter equations I can find)

Saturday 2nd May
Take A Break: Share Your Positive Messages
From Butler Welfare. We understand that the exam period can be a really stressful time for people. To help spread positivity throughout the Take a Break campaign (exam period), we want to collect your positive messages of support and good luck. Submit one below and it will be posted onto the Welfare story to keep spirits lifted!


Sunday 3rd April
Premiering at 18.30pm on the JCR Youtube and Facebook Group this one is not to be missed. It is a live premier so that we can all tune in and watch together!
What better to do on a cosy Sunday eve? So whip yourself up a JB’s recipe thanks to Chris, pour yourself the perfect drink whether you won the Pour a Pint challenge or not, and settle down for a one of a kind JCR meeting extravaganza.
I cannot wait to see all of your video husts! What a totally amazing event. Thank you Jake, and thank you all of you for getting involved.

Sports, Society, and Committee Presidents have all been messaged about the option to get photoshopped club photos this year. The deadline for photos to be submitted is midnight this Sunday. Any questions? Chat to myself or your club president!

Each year we have photographers come into college to take team photos for our sports, societies and committees. However sadly under these conditions this will not be able to take place. As an exec we understand that these are a really valued part of the student experience as they are an important keepsake from your time at Butler, particularly for our finalists. So we have worked out an alternative for you…
Thanks to the innovative idea from Jazz Band, and the absolute brilliance of Publicity and Photography Comm, we are giving you all the opportunity to have photoshopped versions of your club photos.
Because of the unique circumstances these will not be in the formal style that they usually are. Rather we encourage you to be playful and creative with this opportunity in these trying circumstances! The background photo will be over to you. For example, could the JBWFC team be photoshopped into Wembley Stadium, could Jazz Band be photoshopped onto stage at the Grammys? It’s up to you!
It is up to individual clubs whether or not they wish to participate. If you decide that you would like this then we need all individuals who wish to take part to send in a photo of themselves, and as club you need to decide which photo you want your heads photoshopped onto.
Your club presidents have all of the details and links to the forms so chat to them!

Welfare Skype Drop In
1-2pm with Brad over Skype.

Have a brilliant week and best of luck with all deadlines/revision/ and diss hand ins!

Whilst we aren’t in the office, we are still here for you whenever you need us. We can chat over Facebook/Teams/Zoom/Email/Instagram, you name it.
Massive thank you to you all for your continued enthusiasm and positivity in these strange times.

Sending heaps and heaps of JCR love

Charlotte and Lorna