Hi everyone,

I hope your first week back went well, and that you are all keeping safe and sound. Onto week number two of term and day 42 of lockdown in the UK. Does anyone else feel that March lasted about 6 years, and April about 6 seconds?
I hope this weekend you all made the time to peel yourself away from studying/baking/quizzing/yogaing to tune in to one very special production… The National Theatre’s Frankenstein with Benedict Cumberbatch!


But that is on Youtube here until Thursday and it is AMAZING.

It was of course, the JCR Meeting!

What an utterly incredible wonderful replication of the real deal – and completely hilarious. Thank you so much to Jake our JCR Chair, Democracy Comm, all of you who submitted husts, and all of you who tuned in to watch! I cannot imagine the amount of work that went into that so thank you. It was the perfect way to make us feel like we were back home in college.

Best of all, you can watch it here whenever you want.

~~~~Sooooo what’s on this week?~~~~

Monday 4th May

Sports Formal Sign Up Closes

Sign up for Sports Formal closes at midnight tonight.
This event isn’t to be missed. Orla our Social Chair has done such an incredible job to give you the usual Sports Formal vibe – I can’t wait!


We will all be sat in the ‘Howlands Hall’ together (big Zoom call – with backdrops to look the part!) to kick things off
You will then have plenty of time to yourselves with all of your club sat at your ‘table’ (Zoom breakout room) where you will complete a quiz we have made for you!
You will then all come back together for the crux of the night – the awards!! We will also announce who has won the quiz!

Lounge suit dress code is encouraged! (If your lockdown has been anything like mine then this will be a real treat to wear something other than leggings or tracksuit bottoms am I right?)
No Howlands? NO PROBLEM.
Just download the photo background and it is like you are really there.

Voting Opens for JCR Elections!
If you haven’t watched the meeting, make sure to go and check it out in the above link to our Youtube Channel.
It is a big set of elections with Winter Ball Chairs, Head Frep, Yearbook Editor and much more!
Get voting!

Tuesday 5th May

Welfare Skype Drop In
6-7pm with Emily over Skype.

A note from your Welfare Officers, Emily and Brad:

During times of social distancing, we want to make sure that you are still able to contact the Welfare team, so we have moved the drop-in sessions onto skype!
We have our regular drop in session happening Tuesday, and a more casual chat option happening on Sunday, which is there for anyone that would just like a bit of contact.
Simply follow the link below during the hour and we will be there. If we don’t pick up then it means we will already be speaking to someone else, but we will get back to you as soon as we are finished
As always, feel free to message the Butler Welfare page directly, or send us an email at butler.welfarejcr@durham.ac.uk at any time, and we will respond as quickly as possible.
Learn phrases in a foreign language with Butler Languages and Cultures Soc
Thanks to Butler Languages and Cultures Soc you can now start learning phrases in a foreign language. With great video tutorials being posted to Butler Positive Pandemic Pastimes you do not want to miss this! Week One we had Mandarin thanks to our brilliant International Officer Sean, Week Two we had Catalan thanks to the fabulous Judit, what will this week bring?

Wednesday 6th May
Sports Formal

7pm on Zoom.

If you have signed up by the deadline (midnight Monday 4th May) you will receive a Zoom invite via email.
Lounge suit dress code encouraged. (Do it for the insta)
Download the background photo – we will email this round too.
BYOD – a glass of wine or a soft drink for the toast to Josephine Butler is encouraged.
Bring a pen and paper and your thinking caps for the quiz.
Get excited!!!

Thanks to Lillie our Publicity Officer for the cool poster! I can’t wait to see what the club photos will look like!

Collaborative Study Space: Welfare
12-1 on Zoom
Missing the booths of Butler Bar? The Library Lounge? You’re in luck!
This week we have two sessions of collaborative study over zoom!
If you fancy studying with other people, or just a bit of company whilst you revise, then follow the meeting ID during the times below!

Cocktail Making with Emily D and Piers
You wonderful Bar Steward and Sports Officer are going to be collaborating on some delicious cocktails!

Thursday 7th May

Virtual Tea and Toast
11am over Zoom. Keep an eye on the Welfare Facebook page and the website calendar for a link. A Butler favourite back to keep us all company during exams. The perfect breakfast club.
JCR Election Results
6.30pm live streamed to the Facebook page.

Friday 8th May
Collaborative Study Space
2-3 on Zoom – see the poster above.

Unwind with some quizzes on Butler Positive Pandemic Pastimes
I’ll be coming at you with even more puzzles – that chocolate one proved hard!
Get submitting your own ones too – thanks to Jake for today’s! It’s a space for everyone

Saturday 9th May
Got some free time on your hands this evening? Well get in the kitchen and get your much needed JB’s fix!

Hot off the press this week thanks to our fabulous Food Services Officer, Chris, are Jacket Potatoes and fantastic fillings and Thai Panang Curry!

Check them out here:

Sunday 10th May

Welfare Skype Drop In
1-2pm with Brad over Skype.

Butler Rate My Plate
Why not unwind this weekend with some baking or cooking? Why not give those JB’s recipes a go?
Send in your snazzy successes or funny failures to butler.jcr@durham.ac.uk to feature on @butler.ratemyplate on instagram.

Better yet, follow in Lorna’s footsteps: have your friends been dishing up some questionable dinners in the kitchen the last few terms? Was the self-catered experience perhaps not for them? Snake your friends by sending in a snap of their rogue meals with a description (I’ll keep you anonymous).

We have even more coming up for you! The exec are still working away planning activities.

Emily D your Bar Steward and Chris your Food Services Officer are coming up with ideas on how we can celebrate a classic Butler Bar night – EUROVISION!
I absolutely love this night sat in JBs, so I cannot wait to see what they come up with. So if you have any ideas about what we can do, what you would like to see, then drop them a message!

Although I must say I am amazed that they are getting any degree or exec stuff done with these cuties around! Check out Emily’s rabbits and Chris’ dogs! Is anyone else in love?

Ellie our Vice President is planning events with Committees to run over the coming weeks. If you have any ideas or suggestions on what you would like to see let us know!

Emily and Brad our Welfare Officers are busy planning Take a Break too as we go into exam period next week, so make sure you look out for those wonderful events.

Lewis our Treasurer is going over all things financey with the company of this cool cat(s and kittens @TigerKing)

Check out Lorna’s poster and why not apply to be a Pres-Sessional Language Buddy?

I hope you have a lovely week.

Whilst we aren’t in the office, we are still here for you whenever you need us. We can chat over Facebook/Teams/Zoom/Email/Instagram, you name it. Thank you all for your continued enthusiasm and positivity in these strange times. And if you ever want anything in the weekly email just message me or any of the exec!

Charlotte and Lorna

Charlotte Thompson (She/Her)


Josephine Butler College JCR