Hi everybody,

You’ve only gone and done it! You’re into the final few days of exams now. Huge well done to all of you for smashing work in these strange circumstances. You’re so nearly there! You’re doing fantastic!

We are about to complete the fourth and final week of the Take A Break Campaign – thank you so much Welfare Comm!

Finaaally we can start celebrating with you guys!
I for one can’t wait. So this Friday is our big JCR quiz! You don’t want to miss this one. Open to current students and alumni you can expect spicy rounds and funny prizes! It is also that time of year to get in your nominations for the JCR Awards by this Sunday! These are a really important part of the year where you can reflect on all of the awesome work of your peers and the people who made the great moments possible.

~~~~Sooooo what’s on this week?~~~~

Monday 1st June

JCR Awards Nominations are OPEN
These awards are a very important part of the year. They are nominated by your peers, and are then voted on by both the outgoing and incoming JCR Executive Committees!

This is your chance to acknowledge the work of your peers/captains/presidents/team mates – so have your say and #getinvolved.

Any member of the JCR can nominate another member of the JCR for an award in one of the categories below. Links to the respective nomination forms are below! Make sure you’re in the right form.

The nomination deadline is midday on Sunday 7th June.

Awards will then be presented through a video event on the 14th June which I would love to see all of you at – so save the date! This promises to be a heartwarming event where we can all reflect on your achievements across the year, and give thanks to everyone who made it possible.

The criteria for each award is in my email from Friday, and in the description of each of the google forms!

Nominations for Vote Of Thanks here, Recognition of Outstanding Contribution here, Honorary Life Membership here, The Community Award here

Butler Bakers Distressipe
Head over to @butlerbakers on Instagram to see the distressipe of the week from our wonderful Butler Bakers

Tuesday 2nd June

Submit your favourite memories from the year
As part of the JCR Awards I’m making us a little something to watch together to look back on this year.
Could you please submit any of your favourite photos from Freshers Week/Varsity/Frepping/Winter Ball❄️/SCG🌸/Formals🥂/Clubs🏀/Socs🧘‍♀️/Comms/Socials🍻/matches/bar nights!📸
Submit pics here
It would be extra helpful if you can make the file name the event but if not I’ll give it my best guess.
I know its really cheesy but it will be really nice to look back on – remember the thrill of watching PresVlog!
Welfare Skype Drop In
6-7pm with Emily (Welfare Officer) over Skype.

A note from your Welfare Officers, Emily and Brad:

During this stressful period we want to make sure that you are still able to contact the Welfare team. We have our regular drop in sessions happening on Tuesday from 6-7pm, and Thursday from 3-4pm.
We also have a more casual chat option which is happening on Wednesday 3-4pm, and Sunday 1-2pm. It is there for anyone that would just like a bit of contact.
Simply follow the link below during the hour and we will be there. If we don’t pick up then it means we will already be speaking to someone else, but we will get back to you as soon as we are finished

As always, feel free to message the Butler Welfare page directly, or send us an email at butler.welfarejcr@durham.ac.uk at any time, and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Wednesday 3rd June

Start swotting up for the big JCR quiz this Friday

Set aside 10 minutes to write some JCR awards nominations
Nominations for Vote Of Thanks here, Recognition of Outstanding Contribution here, Honorary Life Membership here, The Community Award here

Casual Chat with Quentin (LGBT+ Orientation Rep)
3-4pm over Skype

Thursday 4th June

Message your pals or your family to sort out your quiz team for tomorrow night’s big JCR quiz!
Virtual Tea and Toast
11-1 over Zoom. 202-617-3620
The final one! A Butler classic. The perfect breakfast club.
Drop In with Jame (Assistant Welfare Officer)
3-4pm over Skype.

Friday 5th June

7pm on Youtube to watch the quiz. Hop on Zoom with your pals to play together.

To celebrate the end of exam season we are throwing one huge quiz for you guys, with top prizes up for grabs, and interactive and spicy rounds to be expected!
Tell your friends to save the date because this isn’t to be missed.
The format of the event will be that Lorna and I will be live streaming the quiz to the Butler JCR Youtube Channel.
You guys simply have to tell your friends, pick your teams of 6 maximum, and all get in a Zoom call together, where one of you is sharing your screen to the Youtube livestream.
This way you can all natter, see the questions, and work together to bag some juicy prizes.
Bring a pen and paper, bring your pals, bring your thinking caps, crack open a cold one, make some JB’s recipes, and get ready to win some prizes.

Saturday 6th June

Film Soc Netflix Party
The last hurrah from Take A Break! Chill out after a year of immense work in front of our old companion, the one that’s been there through all of the late nights, Netflix.

Sunday 7th June

Nominations for Vote Of Thanks here, Recognition of Outstanding Contribution here, Honorary Life Membership here, The Community Award here

Casual Chat with Brad (Welfare Officer)
1-2pm over Skype.

~~~What else is going on? Some notes from your exec~~~

Emily Dewar, our Bar Steward, is planning a cocktail making session later in the week for you.

Here is a beautiful photo of the Cathedral Emily snapped to cheer us all up – perks of being a local!

Chris, our Food Services Officer, is going to be uploading another fantastic JB’s at home recipe.

I don’t know how he isn’t constantly distracted by his gorgeous doggies pictured sound asleep here!

Orla, our Social Chair, is busy getting ready for our virtual post exams events, especially coming up with ideas for a virtual Summer Ball, as she is also our Summer Ball Chair

along with Lillie, our Publicity Officer! As well as getting ready for Summer Ball, Lillie is finishing off group photos.

Piers our Sports Officer is looking for ideas for Virtual Festival of Sport. If you have any ideas please drop him a message or an email! Publicity and details will be coming out once Team Durham Finalise everything. Also a reminder to captains and presidents to make sure handovers happen – and AGMs if they haven’t already – as we will be calling upon you for budgets and Presidents Programme soon too!

This absolutely adorable video has been getting Piers through exams, check it out! It really cheered me up! https://www.facebook.com/TheDailyHeartbeat/videos/381524485658022

Lewis our Treasurer is busy pondering why on earth cats pose like this?

Jake is starting to plan the next JCR meeting. Here is a picture of him deep in thought about it.

That’s all from us this week! Have a great one.

Whilst we aren’t in the office, we are still here for you whenever you need us. We can chat over Facebook/Teams/Zoom/Email/Instagram, you name it. Thank you all for your continued enthusiasm and positivity in these strange times. And if you ever want anything in the weekly email just message me or any of the exec!

Charlotte and Lorna