Hi everybody,

Huge well done for getting through exam period working away from university. I know it might take some time for it to sink in, but really you are all incredible for doing this. Congratulations. I hope you are now taking lots of time to unwind.

This week would have been a big one in the Butler calendar – and it still is.

We are taking much needed steps as a college to open discussion and get feedback on how we can improve to make sure that our college and common rooms work for and support everyone. On our Facebook Group , and detailed further below in this email, you can find information on the discussion groups this week being led by our Equality and Diversity Committee thanks to Wonjeong, and a link to their equality and diversity and inclusion survey, which can be submitted anonymously if you so choose. On our group you will also find details from Jake, our JCR Chair, about writing motions, a great and effective way to make changes to the JCR. Moving forward we will also be using our Equality and Diversity Committee as more of a steering group for the JCR so please make sure to join their group here. We really appreciate you taking the time to feedback to us.

This Thursday we would have had Summer Ball! Lillie and Orla have done a simply fantastic job to create a spread of events for you guys, with a fun competition launching today! I know it is hard not having the post exams we expected, but I hope you still #getinvolved and make the most of the hard work the girls have put in! Having seen the plans all I can say is wow. We are in for a fun day! And how amazing is Katy’s publicity?Make sure to like the Facebook page here to keep up to date with everything. I look forward to seeing everyone come together virtually!

To round the week off we have the JCR Awards, a chance to celebrate your peers and reflect on this year. I hope to see you there!

~~~~Sooooo what’s on this week?~~~~

Monday 8th June
So sorry this is coming out a day late! Yesterday was a rather meeting heavy day. We had the JCR awards decision meeting in advance of this Sunday and it lasted 8.5 hours… That must be a JCR record.
Thank you all for your beautiful nominations and for submitting your lovely memories from the year. I hope to see you there on Sunday! More details to follow this week.

Tuesday 9th June

Got the dress and nowhere to wear it? Invested in black tie and now no one to appreciate it? THE SUMMER BALL ISOLATION CHALLENGE!
Dig your kit out, get glammed up and take the ultimate isolation pic/vid wearing your Summer Ball best!

Post your photos and see other people’s here: https://www.facebook.com/events/257655695340932

Welfare Skype Drop In
6-7pm with Emily (Welfare Officer) over Skype.

As always, feel free to message the Butler Welfare page directly, or send us an email at butler.welfarejcr@durham.ac.uk at any time, and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Wednesday 10th June
Butler Equality and Diversity Committee Discussion
Butler E&D Committee presents, E&D for Black Lives Matter.
A zoom call based open discussion event where anyone can share and express their thoughts and opinions on how we can better support the Black Lives Matter movement.
Sign up here. Join the Facebook event here.

Thursday 11th June

This is going to be an absolutely amazing day of events and challenges. The chairs are giving nothing away just get so make sure you are following the page here for all of the details.
E&D for LGBT+
The second of three discussions hosted by Equality and Diversity Committee. Join the Facebook event here to keep an eye out for updates.
Virtual Tea and Toast
Now that exams are over, come and join us for a chat to unwind!

Friday 12th June
Unwind after a day of celebrations for Summer Ball. Why not cook some JB’s? Give baking a go and send in your snaps to @butler.ratemyplate

Saturday 13th June
Butler x RT Projects: Run to the Sun
Every year our partner charity RT Projects hosts their fundraiser Run to the Sun. This is always such a fun event but sadly will not be able this year to take place at Maiden Castle. Instead, RTTS will be happening wherever you are!
As a college, we will attempt to exercise for 24 hours over the weekend 13th – 14th June and we need your help!
You can do anything you like! Run for 20 minutes, cartwheel for 3 minutes, Hula hoop for 10 mins – the wackier and more inventive the better!
– Send in how many minutes you exercised for and let us know what you did: https://forms.gle/bXz1SSNN7Tp9Wgq76
– Help us get more donations by sharing photos or videos of you participating in the event page and sharing it with your friends!
– Most importantly, donate to RT Projects via our donation page – any amount is amazing! £2, £5, £10 – it all helps! https://www.givey.com/butlercollegedoesruntothesun
RT Projects is a local art therapy charity based in Gilesgate which offers art therapy sessions to the support those that are suffering from poor mental health. The work they do within the community is amazing and has changed so many lives.
As a college, Butler has always been really involved with RT Project’s work and fundraising and this year we want to get as many people as possible involved with run to the sun!
– A fund raising event for RT projects.
– Donate here: https://www.givey.com/butlercollegedoesruntothesun
– Say how you got invovled here: https://forms.gle/bXz1SSNN7Tp9Wgq76
– Read more about RT Projects here: www.rtts.org.uk
– Facebook event here

Sunday 14th June

JCR Awards
Thank you once again for all of your lovely nominations and for all of your photos. This should be a relatively short but wholesome event over Zoom. I’ll be looking back on our year, presenting the awards, and then I have a little video to share with all of you. Full of JCR love. I would encourage you all to get a bit glammed up, think summer dresses and shirts! I’ll be sending out a link later in the week.

Casual Chat with Brad (Welfare Officer)
1-2pm over Skype.

~~~What else is going on? Some notes from your exec~~~

Emily Dewar, our Bar Steward, is planning a cocktail making session later in the week for you.

Shireen, our Societies Officer, is busy getting all the last AGMS sorted by the 16th so the new presidents are ready for their training, and planning talks for the year coming. She will also be putting out posts for new societies that people want to make next week (message her if you are interested please!) Maybe there’s one that will thrive particularly while we’re all online only…

Ellie, our Vice President, has posted a document to Committee Chairs for people to fill in details to keep the comms chair list updated. She also encourages comms chairs to prepare handovers, and for you all to think about the positions up for grabs in the next JCR meeting.

Piers, our Sports Officer, says final AGMs should be taking place! He is trying to set up groups to get information out to presidents and captains (If he’s friended you on Facebook please add him back 🙁 ). He is also starting to prep to have a big team sports quiz for Wednesday the 17th, and is going to need social secs to help get teams involved!

You should have received an email today from Jake, our JCR Chair, with all of the details for the next JCR meeting #getinvolved

That’s all from us this week! Have a great one.

Whilst we aren’t in the office, we are still here for you whenever you need us. We can chat over Facebook/Teams/Zoom/Email/Instagram, you name it. Thank you all for your continued enthusiasm and positivity in these strange times. And if you ever want anything in the weekly email just message me or any of the exec!

Charlotte and Lorna