Hi everyone! I hope you are all keeping well and enjoying the post exams life in lockdown. This weekend is a really exciting one on the Butler calendar! As you can see from that photo we have three big important things happening so here is a little reminder.

Whilst we can’t all be together for our big end of year celebration, that certainly doesn’t stop us from doing one virtually, and more importantly YOU doing one in your own home – it’s a DIY Butler Day!
Like the Butler Day page on Facebook to keep up to date on the releases: https://www.facebook.com/ButlerDay2020
Butler Day Awards votes are now open! Thank you for all your nominations. Voting through the google form on the facebook page.
Most importantly there are prizes to be won so do #getinvolved!

​This time we are holding the JCR meeting over Zoom! Look out for emails from Jake.
This is a big one for committee chairs so is really important that we fill all these positions. Note: assistant societies, assistant international and volunteering comm project leaders are now voted for within the committees.
The roles up for grabs in this JCR meeting are:
Charity Comm Chair(s) (pair or indv.) 💰
Arts Comm Chair (pair or indv.)🎨
Green Comm Chair(s) (pair or indv.)♻️
Music Comm Chair(s) (pair or indv.)🎼
Chilled Frep(s) (indv. or pair)🎮
Careers Rep (indv.)👩‍💻
Gym Rep (indv.) 🏋️‍♂️
Webmasters (2 indv.)💻
Students with Disabilities Rep (indv.) 👤
These can be husted for over zoom, by video hust or by written hust. We will be recording the zoom meeting and posting it here after. Voting will likely be online for most of these positions as they are all important roles.

If you want to be part of this year’s Frep team, complete and submit the form with your CIS username!
Please message Matthew Woodcock or Joe Gellman, or email them using the email addresses shown on the poster below, if you have any questions!
Good luck guys, and remember: #getinvolved 💛❤️

I am super duper sorry for not sending out my usual weekly email, this was a combination of it being a very quiet week events wise with everything falling this weekend, and myself having heaps of meetings for some reason, so I thought a mini weekender version would be better suited!

Thank you once again to everyone who came to the JCR awards on Sunday. I do hope you enjoyed the look back on the year which I made, if you haven’t had a chance yet check it out here for a very wholesome 15 minutes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vriPl-8WD98&t=10s

I am sending out certificates to our very deserved winners, it is just taking me longer than I thought it would sorry guys!

JCR love xx