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JCR Finance Timetable

Finance Committee

  • The JCR finance committee consists of 10 voting members. The FACSO, JCR treasurer, JCR president, JCR vice-president, JCR vice-treasurer, MCR treasurer, the working class rep, and 3 finance trustees. Anyone, however, can join a finance committee meeting whether it’s to present a budget or just to weigh in.
  • The JCR chair chairs finance committee meetings and ensures all voting is done democratically.
  • The role of finance committee is to be critical of the JCR’s budgets and spending, ensuring that all of our student groups, events, and activities get fair funding.

How does Finance Committee work? – Finance Comm Training Slides

Finance Reports

JCR Finance Report_ Term 1 2020

JCR Finance Report_Term 2 2021