What is the Levy?

The JCR Levy is a one off payment that allows you to be a member of Bulter JCR for your entire undergraduate degree. It means you can vote in student elections and that you only pay the member prices for balls, formals, and all of the facilities (such as the gym) at college.
Paying the levy allows us to plan and deliver bigger and better events, run effective campaigns, and step-up our facilities. It also allows you to engage fully in college life and make the most of your time at Durham.


  • Ball Tickets
  • Gym Membership
  • College Day
  • Formals
  • Sports
  • Admin Fee


  • approx £50-£70
  • £20
  • Free
  • approx £12
  • Subs Price
  • None!


  • approx £60-£80
  • £80
  • approx £10
  • approx £17
  • Subs Price + 50%
  • Applicable

The JCR levy pays for the wages of the two sabbatical officers (the president and FACSO). Therefore, their time costs JCR members money. Non-member admin fees are applied to anything that has taken the time of the JCR office and is relative to the cost of the item or activity being paid for.

To become a member, contact to find out how!