Easter Term Spending 2021

Easter Budget Application Form Template HERE

Deadline: Monday 26 April 2021

Send to:

Finance Committee have voted to suspend ALL student group JCR allocations and have the SPORTS, SOCIETIES, and COMMITTEES who wish to spend money in 3rd term put through a new budget application.

NO MORE SPENDING is to be made in the name of any student group without the approval of finance comm either via this new application form or a proposal that has been submitted via myself or the treasurer.
Any questions are welcome,

JCR Funding

Applications for JCR funding are completed through finance committee during the summer. Applications which meet the JCR’s values are more likely to receive the funding that they request. The JCR treasurer will distribute a form (Budget Application Form 20-21) during Easter term for new presidents, captains, and, chairs to submit ready for the following academic year.

AFR Form

Additional Funding Request Form Template 20-21

Use this form if, after your budget has been approved, you need more funding. Once completed, please send the form to


If your student groups collects subs from it’s members, please read this document: Subs Collection. Please note that the subs deadline in Michaelmas 2020 has been cancelled. 

  • JCR Member Price: The amount approved by finance comm during the budget application process
  • Non JCR Member Price: 1.5x the subs price approved for members. For example, if JCR subs are £25, non-JCR subs are £37.50. The surplus from non-member subs goes back into the JCR budget.

In order to charge subs, you must send a membership list to the FACSO and treasurer which includes each members name and CIS code. The FACSO can use these to determine JCR membership status and send each member the relevant information on how to pay their subs. You must also send relevant information on sub prices and levels (e.g. if subs are different depending on whether you are in the A or B team, you need to include which team each person is a member to and the price difference between teams).


Butler JCR Finance FAQs


Claims Form

Use this form to request money back from the JCR when you’ve spent money on activities relating to a Josephine Butler Club, Committee or Society. Please make sure your spending falls within an approved budget. Your claim may be declined if this is not the case.

The Trust Fund

Need to buy an asset for your club, society, or committee. The College’s Trust Fund can provide funding for assets with amounts ranging from the hundreds of pounds for new hockey sticks, up to thousands of pounds for a new boat. For amounts up to £250 there is a Fast Track Application. These can be assessed every Tuesday in College Officers – a great way to be awarded bids quickly.

For larger bids the Trust Board meet once a term.
Deadlines for applications >£250:
27 October 2020
26 January 2021
25 May 2021

More information on the Trust Fund and how to apply can be found here.

Contact if you have any questions or would like any help with your application.

Sponsorship and Donations

Looking to get more income for your student group, make more connections, and gain more skills? Maybe you should consider pursuing sponsorship!

Guide to Sponsorship for DSOs (Oct 16) – 2020

If you have found a company that is interested in sponsoring your student group, please contact the FACSO ( for more information and guidance. They will help you in writing up a sponsorship agreement and liaising with legal services DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING YOURSELF