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Hello and welcome to Josephine Butler’s scholarly journal committee. Butler is a bright, young and interesting college, built on an ethos that looks to stimulate innovative and exciting study and thought. The BSJ brings these notions to life, providing a platform for debate on pretty much anything that its writers find of interest. It gives a voice to the fascinating set of people brought together at Butler, all of whom have something different to say.

The BSJ offers the opportunity for those at Butler both to write and edit, an experience that is only matched by one other college at Durham University. This year we are keen to set up a rotation of writing and editing, so those interested get a chance to experience what working for an academic journal is really like. Getting involved means earning vital skills that will not only look great on a CV, but will also help massively with getting to grips with essay-writing at Durham.

We are open to submissions all year round, whether these are pieces specifically written for the journal, or formatives that you are particularly keen to give recognition. For instance, do you think drugs should be legalised?  Are you patriotic? Did you attend a Pride event in the Summer; what was your favourite part? What about your degree subject have you found interesting (or indeed baffling)? Anything you want to talk about, and to debate, this is the place to do it.

If you are interested in writing and/or editing for the BSJ, and would like to give either (or both!) a go, please email:

Examples of previous submissions have included (but are not limited to):

To read these articles, and find lots more, go to: ‘’.


Zac Terry (Editor-in-Chief)

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