Green Committee

About Us

Green Committee aims to make sure that everything we do in college is environmentally friendly. We strive to make sure staff and students are aware of green issues by encouraging an educated outlook and active participation. We enjoy discussing anything from current global projects, to volunteering opportunities, to unique ways Butler can become more green. We have some exciting ideas of how to reduce our waste production as well as increasing biodiversity around college and we want to get as many people involved as possible! If you’re a fighter for a more green world, or are simply interested in our current green situation as a college and a planet, then come along or get in touch with us! Any information or questions, feel free to contact Kian Hayles-Cotton or Victoria Gu, your Green Comm Chairs or Kate Connor your Assistant Green Comm Chair.

How to get involved?

You can can come along to weekly meetings every Thursday at 7:00 PM during term, due to the current restrictions we are only running online meetings via teams which you can join here.

Other green societies

  1. Vegetarian and Vegan Society
  2. Bike Society
  3. Allotment Society
  4. Hiking Society

Green comm inventory!

Green committee has an inventory of eco-items to make your events and college activities more green. By contacting the chairs, you can make use of the following items:

  1. Litter pickers
  2. Cutlery and plates

You can also purchase at a subsidised price some eco products:

  1. Water bottles
  2. Bamboo toothbrushes

How can you be more green in college?

  1. Reduce food waste by putting food you’re scared you can’t eat before it expires on Butler Food Share on Facebook (great for the end of term).
  2. If you have expired fruit and veg, there are compost bins at the allotment where you can put them to good use.
  3. Our showers are warm and lovely, but try to not waste water!
  4. You can control the temperature of your radiator using the dial on the side!
  5. Come to Green committee or consider how your committee could work with us or use items from the Green Comm Inventory!


Minutes form a record of the discussion and plans we make in our committee meetings. You can view the minutes from our meetings in our google drive.


Upcoming Events

There are currently no upcoming events.

Committee Contacts

Kian Hayles-Cotton, Victoria Gu and Kate Connor
Green Committee Chairs and Assistant Green Committee Chair