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A committee of highly dedicated creatives who produce posters, videos and other social media content to promote all the goings-on in College. Our large-scale projects involve all of the main Butler events – Freshers Week, Winter Ball (last year was Game of Thrones themed!!), Butler Day and Summer Ball as well as society, and sports events such as the Floodlit Cup sports matches. This year we had a new challenge and worked to create club and society group photos as Butler’s groups were unable to meet for their customary end of year photo. We also work with Social Comm to design Formal booklets and posters every two weeks so there are a wealth of opportunities to showcase your creativity!

Publicity Comm usually meets 5-6pm in the Arts Room on a Wednesday for Creatives Workshops which will introduce and teach you new ways of designing creative content such as Snapchat filters and event posters through Photoshop and Canva etc. We also run through a Facebook page where tutorials and design opportunities are uploaded, meaning there isn’t a fixed time commitment and you are free to do as much, or as little as you like – giving you truly flexible involvement within a major Butler committee.

So, if you’re a keen designer or video creator, want a career in advertising/marketing and want to boost your portfolio, or would just like to test out Photoshop and other programmes, then get in touch with Lillie to get started!

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