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Welfare Committee meets every week to discuss ideas and plans for upcoming campaign weeks, as well as any ideas for college welfare in general. The Welfare Committee consists of our Welfare Team, but it is also open to all JCR members to attend. This is vital to make sure that our campaigns are as inclusive and engaging as possible. Anyone is welcome to come and contribute as much as they like, we’d love to hear your ideas!

We also enjoy working closely with other Committees and Societies during our campaign weeks, to make sure that we are representing as many people as possible, and getting new and fresh ideas. For example, in previous years we have collaborated with Fem Soc, Social Sports, Yoga, Pride Soc, Charity Comm, and many more!


  • Welfare Weekend
  • Housing Week
  • Consent Week
  • Mental Health Awareness Week
  • Disability Awareness Week
  • SHAG (Sexual Health Awareness and Guidance) Week
  • LGBT+ Awareness Week
  • Self Care Week
  • Take a Break Campaign

Social media

Our social media is a great way to keep up to date with what is happening during Campaign Weeks, or in the wider Durham Welfare Network in the SU Associations.

Follow the link to our Facebook Page here, for updates on campaigns, drop-ins and all things Welfare

Follow the link to our Instagram here, where we will post story highlights throughout each campaign

You can also join our Welfare Committee Facebook group here, for information about what will be discussed each week in Welfare Comm.

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Contact us

If you would like to speak to a member of the welfare team about any welfare concerns, or otherwise, then you can message the Butler Welfare Facebook page directly, or you can contact us using the welfare email:


We also run weekly drop-ins throughout term time, that are an opportunity to talk to a member of the Welfare Team about any student welfare concerns, in a confidential, and supportive environment. Nothing is too big or small, you can chat to us about anything.

The Welfare Team who run the drop-ins have all completed training from both Nightline and the SU to ensure that we can respond in the best and most helpful way possible.

You can find the dates and times for these on the Butler Welfare Facebook Page and in the weekly email.


Free welfare supplies can be anonymously requested from Welfare Committee following the google form link:

We can deliver these to your college post box if you provide your room number, or can leave them in a paper bag labelled with a 5 digit code in the supplies drop off box (opposite the JB library lounge) if you live out or want to remain totally anonymous.

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Upcoming Events

There are currently no upcoming events.

Committee Contacts

Emily Sweeney and Bradley Yardy
Email: Facebook: