Heart of Fiction (Creative Writing)


Have you ever tried to get something written?

A novel, a story, love poem so smitten?

An odyssey, epic

with fairy-tale flair

with some dance and romance

and some “spice” if you dare?

If spinning such yarns or

matching a rhyme

does tickle your fancy

just try us some time.


We’ll greet you with jest,

a merry old fest;

adventures afoot

we’ll go forth abreast

and grace pages

with sincerest words

from the heart.


If you’d like to get started…

…you know where to start.


Welcome to Butler Heart of Fiction, a society with the fundamental objective of getting your work published in an anthology. The anthology will be constructed of your poems and short stories and we aim to publish at least one of these per annum; however, if the society receives many submissions, we may consider publishing more frequently.
That is our dream, but our mission counts on your creative talents to fuel the ship to its destination, get your work published and bathe in the glory of it.

Atop this, the society will be hosting occasional competitions throughout the year for poetry and/or short stories.

This year Heart of Fiction (HOF) will be hosted primarily online, an update from the face-to-face workshop format we attempted last year, this means that you can participate from the comfort of your own flat… virtually anytime!

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