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What are JCR Meetings?

JCR Meetings are where you can run for positions, vote on who is running your events, submit motions to enact change to the way the JCR runs, and much more! At the moment they take place on a Sunday night in Butler Bar, so come along with your housemates, grab a JB’s, #getinvolved and have your say on your collegiate experience.

There really is a huge array of roles to run for from organising Summer Ball, to running Freshers Week, to overseeing the finances, to being head of a Committee, to being our designated Mole mascot costume wearer a.k.a. The Mole Master. You can run for most positions by husting in a meeting, either by giving a talk on stage, by sending in a video hust, or by writing a hust and getting the JCR Chair to read it; whatever you feel most comfortable with.


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