What are JCR Meetings?

JCR Meetings are where you can run for positions, vote on who is running your events, submit motions to enact change to the way the JCR runs, and much more! At the moment they take place on a Sunday night in Butler Bar, so come along with your housemates, grab a JB’s, #getinvolved and have your say on your collegiate experience.

There really is a huge array of roles to run for from organising Summer Ball, to running Freshers Week, to overseeing the finances, to being head of a Committee, to being our designated Mole mascot costume wearer a.k.a. The Mole Master. You can run for most positions by husting in a meeting, either by giving a talk on stage, by sending in a video hust, or by writing a hust and getting the JCR Chair to read it; whatever you feel most comfortable with.

When is the next JCR Meeting?

The second JCR Meeting of Michaelmas Term is this week on Sunday on teams at 18:30pm. The roles up for grabs in the elections are:

  • Spring Charity Gala Chair(s) (Individual or Pair)
  • Vice Treasurer (Individual)
    • The reinstated role of Vice Treasurer gives you a chance to assist our JCR Treasurer Lewis with all things money! You will be a voting member of our finance committee so will be key in deciding where our money goes.
  • Finance Trustees (3 Individuals)
    • A new role for this year!! We have changed the voting members of finance committee so that anyone can run for the role and have a say in how we spend our money. This role is open to the whole JCR.
  • Butler Talks Chair(s) (Individual or Pair)
    • Heard of Ted Talks? Well we have our own Butler Talks. At this event, we provide a platform to share ideas and give voice to different topics and perspectives. You will be responsible for organising the talks, chairing the Butler Talks Committee and promoting the event to attract exciting speakers. The event page is here: https://www.facebook.com/ButlerTalksJB.
  • POC Rep (Individual)
    • The Person of Colour Rep is a new role for our JCR. You will be responsible for providing information and awareness of POC issues to college, as well as assisting with welfare campaign weeks and sitting on the Equality and Diversity Committee as POC Lead.
  • Stash Coordinator (Individual)
    • We love stash at Butler, and we want to make sure we are getting the best quality products and are listening to your feedback. You will be responsible for all things stash and will make sure all of Butler’s stash needs are satisfied.
  • Assistant Quiz Master (Individual)
    • We hold quizzes most Sundays, and you will assist our current Quiz Master, Harry, in delivering these quizzes.
  • Students with Disabilities Rep (Individual)
    • Work alongside our other SWDR, Remy, to deliver our Disability Awareness week and also be a key member of the Welfare Team.

In addition to these roles, we welcome any changes you’d like to make to the JCR through a motion, or any questions you’d like to ask our Exec Officers. Any motions and questions of officers, email them to me at butler.chair@durham.ac.uk.

As always, make sure to follow me on instagram @Butler_Chair for any fun updates. We will also be posting on teams closer to the event.

What can I do right now?

You can be thinking about running for any of the roles above! If you have any questions you can email our JCR Jake at butler.chair@durham.ac.uk. If you think our JCR structure needs improving (see standing orders above), you can write a motion to make a change! Email any motions to butler.chair@durham.ac.uk.

Or watch a recent JCR meeting below!