What are JCR Meetings?

JCR Meetings are where you can run for positions, vote on who is running your events, submit motions to enact change to the way the JCR runs, and much more! At the moment they take place on a Sunday night in Butler Bar, so come along with your housemates, grab a JB’s, #getinvolved and have your say on your collegiate experience.

There really is a huge array of roles to run for from organising Summer Ball, to running Freshers Week, to overseeing the finances, to being head of a Committee, to being our designated Mole mascot costume wearer a.k.a. The Mole Master. You can run for most positions by husting in a meeting, either by giving a talk on stage, by sending in a video hust, or by writing a hust and getting the JCR Chair to read it; whatever you feel most comfortable with.

When is the next JCR Meeting?

The next JCR meeting will be on the 4th October 2020, which is right at the end of freshers week. We are still working on the logistics of how we will conduct the meeting due to the current situation, but it is likely to be streamed on the Butler JCR Youtube channel. Anyone can run for roles in the first meeting of the year and we especially encourage freshers to get involved! The roles up for grabs in this meeting are:

  • DSU Rep
    • This is our student union representative who represents our interests and values at the Student Union Assembly Meetings. The DSU rep is a voting member on these meetings and is also an Ex-Officio member of Butler JCR meaning that they work very closely with the JCR Exec to ensure that Butler’s views are represented well.
  • Photography Committee Chair
    • Usually voted on later in the year, we’ve moved this election forward because its so important for first term! The Photography Committee Chair is the head of our photography in Butler. They organise things such a formal photography, sports photos and more. The main reason this has been moved forward is because we’d need someone to help create our Charity Naked Calendar!! If you’ve got an eye for photography and also great organisational skills then this is the role for you.
  • Quizmaster
    • Most Sundays at JBs we have a quiz! We’ve all had a bit of practise making zoom quizzes for our mates so why not start making them for the whole college? This role can be as much fun as you can make it and is something that could be really great for our online activities in first term.
  • Tour Rep
    • We all love a bit of Butler and we want to show this to the world. If you have a passion for Butler and meeting new people then Tour Rep is the role for you. This will involve giving tours to prospective students and guardians around college throughout the year. A rewarding role that really helps us as a college and JCR out.
  • Mole Master
    • In true Butler spirit, you can dress up as the mole and be our mascot whenever we feel like we need a pick-me-up. The mole master gets to be in charge of this so if you’re an energetic person who doesn’t mind being in the mole suit then this is the role for you!
  • Year Out Rep
    • If you’re returning from your year abroad then this is a great role for you. It involves you sharing experiences of peoples current year abroads as well as sharing information to students who may be considering taking a year abroad. Our favourite thing about this role is the @butleryearabroaders instagram account!

What can I do right now?

You can be thinking about running for any of the roles above! If you have any questions you can email our JCR Jake at If you think our JCR structure needs improving (see standing orders above), you can write a motion to make a change! Email any motions to

Or watch the last JCR meeting below!