Hi everyone, and welcome to Butler!
If you can’t make it up to us for a visit then don’t worry! Use the map below to navigate the site.

#1 Butler Bar  – By far the biggest college bar! Equipped with a stage, a coffee shop and restaurant, pool tables, darts boards, sofas, TVs, and heaps of seating, it is a really versatile space.

#2 Library Lounge – Chill out with a book on a beanbag or a sofa, or come in here to study at one of the desks.

#3 Group Study – This is perfect for collaborative work with heaps of desk space and a white board.

#4 Quiet Study If you prefer a more focused environment then consider one of our silent study booths.

# 5 IT Suite – With plenty of computers and a printer this fits all of your IT needs.

#6 The Howlands Hall  – This is our sports hall, but we use it for much more than that. Here we have our formal dinners and heaps of fun entertainment.

#7 The Music Room – This room is available to book for individual practice or group rehearsals.

#8 The Seminar Room – This space is used by lots of our societies, as well as for presentations and as a study room in third term.

#9 The Old Shop – This space, like the Seminar Room is also used by lots of our societies, as well as for presentations and as a study room in third term.

#10 The Quiet Room – This is a beautiful room flooded with natural light, available for quiet reflection or for club meetings.

#11 The Laundry Room – This might not be the most exciting part of a tour but it is an important and much needed facility!

#12 The Gym – This has everything you could need from free weights, to ergs, to resistance machines, to treadmills.

#13 Outside the Bar – With picnic benches and surrounded by trees it is the perfect place to be on a sunny day, eating JB’s or working in the fresh air.

#14 Milfield Field – A great place for sports teams to train, an even greater place to chill out after exams and have a kick about.

#15 The MUGA – The Multi-Use Games Area is perfect for everything from tennis to netball.

#16 The Mound – Our beloved Mound is the perfect place for a stroll with views of the whole site and even the Cathedral. Better yet it explains why our college mascot is a mole. A mound. A mole mound. Get it? Great chat.