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Welcome to Butler!

Congratulations on being offered a place at Durham University and Josephine Butler College!

We hope that when you arrive you will make the most of Butler JCR. That stands for Junior Common Room and is the name we use to describe the undergraduate student body. At Butler we believe that you should come away from your time here not just with a degree but with heaps of other experiences and memories. Whilst all of your teaching takes place in your department, the Junior Common Room is here to deliver all of your extra-curricular activities within college! That is your sports, societies, committees, events like Freshers Week, Summer Ball, and Winter Ball. Everything is led by students for students; all students clubs, all events, everything! To become a member of the JCR you will need to pay the JCR levy once you become a student.

The phrase #GetInvolved is something that you will hear a lot in your time at Butler. This hashtag really sums up our attitude towards the student experience! We pride ourselves on being a friendly and inclusive college and that is reflected in all of our activities. We really believe there is something for everyone here at Butler, so have a look through this website to get an idea of how much we have on offer, and if you can’t see something you like, well we would love for you to come here and set the club up! We are constantly having new clubs set up by our wonderful students so come here and #GetInvolved!

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To access this years virtual Post-Offer Visit Days, please register here:

On this site you can find information about academic life, student life, and college life! Within the ‘college life’ section Butler has it’s very own booth with lots of fun videos and information about us. Through this site we are also running live webinar events on 17 February and 20 March both from 4pm-6pm. You can access the link to the Teams meeting for the webinar through our booth under ‘POVD activities’. Just click the words ‘Join Us’ at 4pm on either of these days and you can hear all the lovely things we have to say about Butler!

The online platform will be accessible until Wednesday 12 May for you to browse the on-demand content. More information here.

You can also follow us on Instagram @butlerjcr for our ‘5 weeks of Butler’.


We Hope the Below Q&As Help with Your Pre-arrival Queries!

If you have any questions at all, just drop an email to and I’ll be more than happy to help!
Sam, JCR President.

How much storage is there in the kitchens?2020-04-27T11:25:22+01:00

In the kitchen you have lots of storage, the cupboards are nice and deep!  They are also numbered and these correspond with the 6 bedrooms in each flat. So every student has a top and bottom cupboard and then there are other unnumbered cupboards too, such as under the sink, which are free to use by anyone. In terms of fridge space there are normally 6 or 7 shelves in the fridge, one for each person, you decide with your flatmates which one is whose. There are a few more freezer drawers as they are so tall, so enough for one or two freezer drawers each.

How much storage is there in the bedrooms?2020-04-27T11:21:40+01:00

There is a handy video here of a room tour which talks shows off the storage spaces in the bedrooms.

So within the rooms there is a standard wardrobe with space to hang items as well as shelves and a safe. There is also a huge desk with drawers built in, and lots of storage under the bed, and on top of the wardrobe. In your ensuite there is a shelf to put toiletries on, a little cubby hole in the shower, and room around the sink too.
However people also opt to bring their own little storage pieces. Some students bring a bedside cabinet to fit in the gap between the bed and the desk, or a clothes rail and put it next to the wardrobe where the big pin board is when you first walk into the room, or a shoe rack at the foot of their bed. So whilst mosts students find there is plenty of storage already you can optimise space if you need to!

How can I book the Music Room and how much does it cost?2020-04-02T17:17:35+01:00

If you wish to book Butler’s Music Room to practice in it is completely free for Butler students to do so. You simply book it through our online form and provided it is not already booked by another individual or one of our music societies, and provided that we are not holding a formal dinner or presentation in one of the adjacent rooms, then your booking should be approved by college staff via email. You then sign out the key from reception and let yourself in.

How does the laundry work at Butler?2020-04-02T17:09:28+01:00

At Butler we use Circuit Laundry. You will be given a Circuit Laundry Card on your first day at Butler. Each card has a number printed onto it. You need to register this card online on the Circuit Laundry website and there you can check your balance and top it up using card or Paypal. It costs £3.50 for a wash, and the dryers are free.

Two of the machines require you to put in your own detergent, however the others are set to automatically dispense detergent. It is clearly marked on the front of the machine whether you need to use your own detergent or not. It is completely up to you which you would prefer to use and they are the exact same cost.

Where can I find more information on student life at Butler?2020-08-13T11:27:13+01:00

Follow @butler.sabbs and @butlerjcr on Instagram

Or head over to our Facebook page to see all the photos of what we get up to!

Then get a feel for what we do by watching our Youtube channel

Check out for heaps more information.

Can I bring my car?2020-02-14T15:11:01+00:00

Parking at the University is extremely limited so students are typically not allowed to bring cars. However, if you have a reason for which you need to bring your car, for example, a disability or course requirements, you can apply through College for a Student Vehicle License. If you live out in town in your second or third years it is likely you will be able to secure accommodation with a parking spot and can bring your car then!

What is the night life like?2020-02-14T15:09:21+00:00

Durham may be small, but there is still a vibrant student nightlife that you can get involved in should you wish! There are clubs that play a verity of types of music and are almost exclusively filled with students, making it feel quite friendly. If you fancy a wilder night you can head to Newcastle on the bus or train.

There are also lots of nice pubs in Durham, for a more chilled night and you can explore all the other College bars. It is also a lot more affordable for those used to London prices!

Durham closes quite early, pubs at 11pm and clubs at 2am – so no excuses for missing that 9am!

There are also so many opportunities for fun in Durham without alcohol, so if it isn’t your thing – don’t worry at all.

Who was Josephine Butler the person?2020-02-14T15:05:48+00:00

Josephine Butler was a 19th-century British social reformer, who played a major role in improving conditions for women in education and public health. She was part of the suffragist movement and is remembered in Liverpool Anglican Cathedral’s stained glass window of honourable women. We honour her values through our work as a College and end every formal with a quote from her writing and a toast to Josephine Butler!

Will I have to move out in the holidays?2020-02-14T14:59:22+00:00

During the Easter vacation the College hosts post-application open days. In order to provide these students with the full College experience we ‘buy back’ student bedrooms in Milfield to accommodate them. The details of the scheme will be provided soon after the start of term, but will effect a small minority of students!

What support is there at Butler?2020-02-14T15:00:12+00:00

The college has a comprehensive system of student support, it is designed to ensure that students get the most from their time at Durham, are able to obtain help when in difficulty and support in their personal development through university and beyond. We have two Student Support Officers, who are the point of contact if you need help or support of any kind, they can answer questions are about health, housing, finance, course work, time management and personal or emotional issues and many, many more. They can refer you to other support agencies and liaise with your academic department.

Porters – in the lodge 24/7, who provide security and first-aid.

College Mentors – volunteers from the community and university who support and guide a group of students during their time at Durham University. You can have a free dinner with your mentor once a week.

Resident Mentors – provide out-of-hours support, for any incident – operational or medical, or noise-related and they work in tandem with the duty porter.

JCR Exec Welfare – student body provides confidential peer support through the JCR Welfare Officers and campaigns for awareness of important issues such as student stress and health.

How far is Butler from my lectures?2020-02-14T14:55:36+00:00

Butler College is 10/15 minutes away from the science site, about 15/20 minutes to Elvet Riverside/Town and around 30 minutes to Hill Bede College (literally the other side of Durham!). Even though we are at the top of the hill, we are still very well connected to everything you need, as Durham is such a small city. Also, it is important to note that in Durham you have lectures and seminars all around the city, not necessarily just in your department.

What is a college?2020-02-14T14:54:10+00:00

Durham is a Collegiate University and is made up of 17 individual communities spread across the city. Each College has it’s own site, with buildings, accommodation and other facilities such as sports halls or libraries. They also have their own teams of staff, lead by a Principal, including their own student support office. Each College also has it’s own Junior Common Room, which runs unique events, societies and sports for its undergraduate members. This gives each college it’s own special atmosphere and creates tight-knit communities.

Most students live in College in their first year and many move out to live in the city in their second and third year and some people choose to live back in College too. You are a member of your College for your entire degree. Second, third and fourth-year students will still often come to College to use the facilities, do some work or chill in a place they have come to call home!

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