What is the JCR?

JCR stands for Junior Common Room – this is the term we use to describe the Undergraduate Student Community at Butler. This term is broad and ecompasses a lot of things because, well, we do a lot of things here at Butler! The unique thing about Butler is that all of our events, and all of our sports, societies, and committees are run by students, for students, through the JCR.

The JCR itself is led by the JCR President and the team of 12 Exec, all of whom are elected into their positions. Within the JCR there are heaps of positions to run for and we host a whole range of sports, socieities and committees. 

Our Aims for 2020/2021

  • To promote inclusion to help build a diverse and representative JCR.
  • To be environmentally conscious in all of our activities
  • To encourage our members and external communities to develop creatively.
  • To promote college engagement despite the COVID 19 pandemic.
  • To achieve independence from the DSO framework.

President’s Welcome

Hey everyone! I’m Sam (He/Him), your JCR President for the year. My role is to oversee the activities that the JCR runs, keep in touch with current and past students, and to represent the common room outside of college. Though I’ve graduated now, my time at Butler left me with enough enthusiasm to stick around in a sabbatical role and remain part of the community here. 

The sign of a successful year for me will be an engaged, active JCR. During your next three years at Butler you have a whole universe of opportunities to make the most of and every single one of you can leave a legacy here. I hope this year more than ever this JCR can grow to represent our community and ALL of its members. 

You can find me and Darcie (your FACSO) in the JCR Office in college, where the door will always be open. Please pop in if you have any questions or even just fancy a chat. If you have any questions please just drop me an email on butler.jcr@durham.ac.uk!

Joining The JCR

To become a member of the JCR we ask you to pay the JCR Levy. As a JCR member you are able to join all of our student run clubs, attend our student run events, and have your say in how the JCR is run by using your right to vote in elections, and run for these positions yourself.

Find out more about the JCR Levy!