Butler and Beyond

When you join Butler, we don’t forget you. Once you graduate, the college and the JCR work together to stay in touch with you because we want to make sure that you remain a part of our community and that the legacy you left here isn’t forgotten.

Bulter Gala

A celebration of current Butler talent and interests, this JCR Fundraiser invites all Butler students past and present back to Butler. Together we will enjoy music, art and the chance to reminisce about our time here.

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Networking Dinner

This is a chance for you to reconnect with current Butler students and share with them all the epxerience you have gained since your graduation.

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Get In Touch

The JCR president is always happy to be in contact with you if you have any thoughts about your time at Butler or as a member of the JCR. You can also get in touch with the FACSO if you would like to know more about the upcoming events.

Register with the JCR for your classic Bulter Birthday message. Make sure you register with both the JCR and with the university to stay fully connected.

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University Alumni Subscription

You can also sign up to Durham university’s alumni network to hear from the university and the college.

Please consider allowing emails and content about fundraising. Donations to the college trust fund will directly help the JCR by supporting our projects and student groups.

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