Standing Orders

This document outlines the way the JCR operates. It is split into three sections: the permanant, the operational, and the role descriptions.


Core Positions

These documents outline the decisions made by the JCR such as the JCR values.

Financial Reports

Help & Guides

This page will contain a list of common questions.  If you need further help or if your questions are not answered here please contact us.

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If you are looking to run for a JCR position, follow the steps below.

  1. Check when the position is up for election. The new election calendar will show when each role is up for grabs. Alternatively, check the Operational Standing Orders, Section _____
  2. Check any requirements for the role, including to run for it e.g. before you can run for Winter Ball Chair you must be approved by college operations team, or Asst. International Officers must be available for International Fresher’s Week. These requirements will be in the role descriptions in ____________
  3. If you know in advance that you will run for a position, notify the JCR Chair or a Vice-Chair (Currently Oisín Brennan, Kamil Hepak, Piers Walton, or Jakub Borowiec)
  4. If the position you are running for is not an exec position (as listed in Op SO section______), skip to Step 6
    For exec positions, they will be announced 2 weeks before the JCR meeting, with a deadline to produce posters by. You can create one A4 campaign poster before this deadline (you will get more details at the time), and you MUST tell the JCR chair by this deadline that you are planning to run, and submit your poster
  5. For exec: after the poster deadline, these will be checked and approved by the JCR Chair: you may then campaign for the week before the election, delivering your poster to the flats in college and husting to the occupants (more details at time). You may not use any other form of media to campaign.
  6. In the JCR meeting, the position will be announced. For non-exec positions, you do not have to provide advanced notice of running, so anyone who wishes to run can do so, and should announce this when the position is called.
    For exec positions, anyone running will be called to the stage.
  7. If there are multiple candidates, decide between you who will hust on stage first.
    You will get 3 minutes maximum to speak (4 minutes for exec) – try to tell people why you want the role, why you would be good for it, and what you would do in the role!
    You will get a first warning knock when you have 30 seconds left to speak (start to wrap things up), and a second when time is up, at which point you must stop speaking.
  8. Once everyone has husted, all candidates will go on stage to field questions; amongst competing candidates, you will rotate who answers first. If you are running as a pair, only one of you can answer any question, and you must alternate who answers each question.
  9. There will then be a vote; if in meeting, you will have to leave the room for this. If online, results will be a few days after the meeting: do not remind people to vote during that time, that is the role of Democracy Committee.

Please direct any questions to Democracy Committee: Oisín Brennan (Chair), Jakub Borowiec, Kamil Hepak, or Piers Walton.

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