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This page will contain a list of common questions.  If you need further help or if your questions are not answered here please contact us.

What is the MCR?2020-08-25T20:55:45+01:00

The MCR, or Middle Common Room, is a student run body in college consisting of Postgraduate, 4th year Undergraduate and Mature students. The MCR exists to complement and enhance your academic studies, providing academic opportunities, welfare support, as well as a comprehensive social calendar!

How do I join the MCR?2020-08-25T21:05:48+01:00

The MCR can be joined by paying the MCR Membership Fee here:

It costs just £35 for the year for all postgraduate and 4th year undergraduate students. If you are a 4th year undergraduate who has taken a year away from Durham (i.e. Year abroad/year in industry), then you are able to become an MCR member for just £6.50!

What is the MCR Executive Committee?2020-08-25T21:04:25+01:00

The MCR Executive Committee is a group of MCR members who oversee the running and operation of the MCR. It consists of:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Social Secretary
  • Scholarly Activities Officer
  • Welfare Officer
  • International Students Rep
  • 4th Year Rep
  • Livers Out Rep
  • Website and Social Media Officer
  • Disability Support Officer
When are the MCR Executive Committee elected?2020-08-25T21:08:49+01:00

With the exception of MCR President, which is elected at the end of the previous academic year, the MCR Executive Committee positions will be elected at the first MCR meeting of the year, Sunday 11th October at 4pm. Any MCR member is welcome to run for any of the positions, regardless of whether you are new to the University, or have been at Butler for years. In the meeting, just give a short speech introducing yourself and why you think you would be good for the role!

What is an MCR meeting?2020-08-25T21:11:08+01:00

MCR meetings take place on a rather ad-hoc basis, usually once every few weeks. They are a chance for the Exec Committee to update the rest of the members on what has been happening, and for the members to ask any questions. MCR meetings are primarily used to discuss and plan new MCR events and activities, so if you want to have a say in what the MCR does, come along to our meetings!

What is the benefit of paying the MCR Membership Fee?2020-08-26T17:08:33+01:00

MCR membership costs just £35 for the year, and only £6.50 for certain 4th year undergraduates. This membership also includes full membership of the JCR, so you can take advantage of the opportunities both common rooms offer.

The MCR membership grants you access to the MCR lounge, the ability to vote in MCR elections and referenda, and more generally to have a say in how the MCR runs, and the events and activities that we have planned. The majority of MCR events are either free to our members, or are cheaper to attend than for non-members. Some activities may have restricted capacities, in which case priority is given to members. As you are a member of the JCR, sports clubs and societies are cheaper to join (non-member prices are 50% higher), there is a substantial 75% discount on college gym membership, and formals, balls and the college day are all much cheaper!

Click here to join the MCR today! 


Can I join sports teams, societies etc?2020-08-26T17:06:48+01:00

Yes! As a member of the MCR, you are welcome to join any of the college’s sports teams, societies or committees, and there are a lot to choose from! Check out the MCR handbook for more info. There are also University sports teams, and plenty more societies and associations on offer through Durham Students’ Union.

How can I get involved as a liver out?2020-08-26T17:13:35+01:00

Regardless of whether or not you live in college, we strongly encourage you to come up to college to take advantage of the facilities on offer! We have a member of our exec, the Livers Out Officer, who is dedicated to representing your views and putting on events and activities for our students who live out of college. Last year we started a series of brunches in town for our livers out. Look at our MCR handbook for details on Butler sports clubs and societies that you can join, they meet or train in lots of different locations around Durham. We aim to make our MCR meetings inclusive, by offering Zoom online options for those unable to attend in person.


We have prepared a number of guides that we hope will be useful before joining Butler and whilst you are here! The MCR Pre-Arrival Guide contains a lot of information about the MC, details with how you can connect with us, an introduction to our Freps, and lots of useful FAQs. If you are an international student, you may find the JCR’s International Freshers Welcome Guide useful. It contains information on packing, arrivals and logistics. The MCR Handbook is the go-to document for both new and returning students about the MCR, with additional details of how to get involved, the opportunities available and how to get support.

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